Just For The Night… Or Two

Cover to first Book of Warriors series.

I’m putting up my book, Book of Warriors: Vlad The Impaler for free this weekend. I’d love for you to read it and let me know what you think. It’s a short book (~5500 words) about Kit, a woman stuck in the present, unsure of her future, and in love with the past. She unwittingly purchases a box with a secret inside. She finds the Book of Warriors and tumbles right into Vlad the Impaler’s arms. Steamy and breathless, I had some fun writing it, and hope you enjoy it too!



A Little Constant Stimulation

For a long time I’ve read about the extraordinary amounts of money that erotica writers were making and wondered if I could get a piece of that as well. So, two weeks ago I started. This is my journey into writing, publishing, and marketing. Also, it can be a bit of a personal blog, though I will be keeping some things more personal and private than others. I don’t mind talking about the latest book I’m reading, but I think I’ll keep what my family and I are up to private.

I write under a pseudonym (I’m sure you’ve figured out that Mona N. Grohning isn’t really my name) because I would like to keep my life apart from my writing. I’d like to talk about the process, my inspirations, the frustrations, and the triumphs of becoming an erotica writer. At this moment, I have published three books under the pseudonym Mona N. Grohning and they’re all found on Amazon’s Kindle store.

I’d also like to be part of a online community and as a friend suggested I write a blog to connect with people, here I am.

I think I have two reasons why I want to write erotica (there may be more but those are probably deep seated and hard to uproot). First, to make enough money to save for a rainy day or for a nice splurge once in a while. Even though my husband and I do work, we are both lowly teachers that can barely save enough if an emergency occurs. Seriously, we are treading water but any small accident (such as a leaky roof or a car issue) can quickly have our heads underwater. Second, I want to be a professional writer and this is a way to force me to write daily and as I write and read, I hope it will help me grow to be a better writer.

So here I am. I do look forward to reading and hearing from people. Don’t be shy, ask me questions, talk to me, make suggestions. I really don’t mind. It’s a little late for me at the moment, and when I figure out how to showcase my books, I will find the time to do that. But if you’re interested, just go to Amazon.com and do a search for Mona N. Grohning (yes moaning and groaning). Haha. Cheers!